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Canada Legalises personal cannabis use

"Cannadian" flag at a legalisation party.

On Wednesday 17 of October Canada became the second and largest country to legalise cannabis for personal use after Uruguay in 2013. The law change means that adults can now carry 30 grams and grow 4 plants at home. This is a much broader adoption of legalisation than seen in the US where it is legal in many states but under federal law it remains illegal. The states where it is legal have seen a huge benefit from tax and employment opportunities though and the rest seem to be looking to follow suit.

Medical marijuana has been legal in Canada since 2001 with about 330,000 Canadians, receiving a prescription allowing its use. Recreational legalisation will undoubtedly lead to advances in the fields of strain development and weed tech. Strains like Charlottes Web are developed to contain high levels of CBD and when used alongside a temperature controlled vape such as the Pax 3 they allow you to accurately get your dose in a convenient and efficient way.

With UK doctors able to prescribe Cannabis derived medicines from this November it cant be long until the UK follows in the steps of our friends across the pond.

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