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Supplying you with high quality CBD extracts


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MeadowLife is committed to bringing you one of the purest high quality Cannabidiol (CBD) products available in Europe.
Based on years of production research and experience by our affiliates, we supply the best quality and safest CBD product available in todays marketplace.  
Our producers are involved in every stage of the production process from choosing the growing medium, overseeing the curing process through to the extraction method.
We ensure that all of our products are made from organic, non-GMO hemp plants grown in the EU, without the use of pesticides, and no chemical additives or processes are used in the seed to bottle process. 

All our products are tested and monitored by a third-party to bring you the safest, all natural, CBD extracts.

With fields in carefully selected European micro-locations, we offer for sale hemp that is certified as organic.

To preserve the purity of the raw hemp,  highly efficient yet gentle CO2 extraction is utilised by our producers.

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Lab Tested

Gluten Free


No Additives

5% 500mg
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The Source
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Is a pioneering European supplier of ogranic hemp and CBD Oil
We make no compromises when it comes to quality.
Our producers begin this process  by selecting local, European-certified seeds.   An optimal strain of hemp plants are then selected in consideration of their CBD percentage and formulation, and placed in carefully selected fertile soil.  
We believe that slow and meticulous production gives our consumer the best product.   All of the products sourced for our CBD products are hand harvested, flower and stalk hand separated, and the hemp is allowed to dry naturally.  By drying the hemp at a temperature always below 35° C,   the potency of the plants natural attributes is safe guarded. 
A special closed-machine method is then utilised to secure the crystals on the flowers, so-called trichomes, where the cannabinoids and terpenes accumulate. The dried material is then pressed into pellets that contain a special blend of three authentic European hemp varieties, rich in active cannabinoids.
Quality Control


Our producers have spent years choosing the best local, European certified seeds.  With quality as the fundamental ethos of our products we believe that experience, quality control, and traditional production methods distinguish our product from others available today.  All of our CBD oils utilise specific formulations and all-natural growth and harvest methods to offer you a high quality output with an optimal CBD percentage and cannabinoid ratio. 
All of the plants used in the production process are grown in our affiliates carefully managed European hemp-growing farms, with a keen focus on environmental awareness and all-natural production. Our products are all-natural raw hemp, free of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and heavy metals. 
The CBD products we offer undergo detailed internal and independent testing throughout the production phase, as carried out by our suppliers.  All of the CBD products available for sale here undergo continuous and rigorous quality assurance and verification surpassing all GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) and GDP (Good Distribution Practice).
Frequently Asked Questions
Are your products legal to buy? 
It is entirely legal to buy and take CBD supplements in the UK.
MeadowLife adheres to EU & UK law that states that the THC level in hemp must be below 0.2% 
What dosage should i use?
We recommend starting at 3 to 5 drops a day, you can then gradually increase this until you are happy with the effects. Do not exceed 20 drops per day/in a 24hr period
What is your delivery time? 
Next day delivery If ordered before 1pm then. This wouldn't include weekends or bank holidays
Will CBD show up on drug tests?
CBD is a legal ingredient and is therefore not tested for in drug tests used to detect illegal drugs. As long as you take a pharmaceutical grade CBD product, which has been independently tested to ensure no significant content of psychoactive THC, then CBD will not show up in a drug test.
Will get high from consuming it?
CBD is not psychoactive, which means you cannot get high from cannabidiol-rich products.
If you have any other questions please email us and we will get back to you ASAP


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